South Australia’s Big Battery

Clean energy for SA

Sharing Benefits

Making a difference in local communities


At 100MW/129MWh, the Hornsdale Power Reserve is the largest lithium-ion battery in the world, and is providing essential grid-support services.

The 50MW/ 64.5MWh expansion, currently under construction, will further showcase the complete benefits that grid-scale batteries can provide to the National Electricity Market (NEM) and Australian consumers.

In its first two years of operation, the project saved South Australia consumers over $150 million.


Battery storage allows us to store the energy and provide it to the grid whenever it’s needed.


The Hornsdale Power Reserve is located in a strong part of South Australia’s electricity transmission network approximately 15km north of Jamestown, about 3 hour’s drive from Adelaide.

The project is co-located with Hornsdale Wind Farm



Providing full time jobs plus ongoing opportunities for local businesses

For the consumer

Reducing South Australia’s energy costs by more than $150 million in the first two years.

For your community

Up to $60,000 per year
funding for local community initiatives and projects



HPR enabling significant cost savings

HPR enabling significant cost savings

Aurecon has released a new report on HPR’s performance in 2019. The study highlights the significant contributions made by the system to support the National Electricity Market (NEM) and deliver savings to all electricity consumers. In 2019, HPR reduced costs in the...

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Testing on the expansion has commenced

Testing on the expansion has commenced

Testing of the 50MW/64.5MWh expansion of the Hornsdale Power Reserve has commenced. Testing will check that the battery is operating safely and meets the performance standards as intended. The expansion will make Hornsdale Power Reserve 50 per cent bigger and will...

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Expansion progress update

Expansion progress update

The installation of battery components for the 50MW/64.5MWh expansion of the Hornsdale Power Reserve is now complete, and site works to finalise the connection and testing of the expansion have commenced. This requires an outage of the existing battery, which...

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This graph with live data indicates how much power the battery has charged (left axis, blue bars) and discharged (left axis, pink bars) in the past 48 hours as well as the electricity price (right axis, black line).

Neoen produce affordable reliable electricity from natural renewable sources such as the sun and wind.

With 12 years’ experience behind us, our technologies are tried, tested and proven. Our South Australian Big Battery has been keeping the lights on in SA since 2017, and saved consumers over $116 million in 2019 alone !

We own and operate all of the projects we build (rather than developing them to be sold) and as long-term neighbours we are committed to sharing the benefits with surrounding communities.

This dedication to community and environment has made us a renewable energy developer of choice across Australia.