Community Benefits

As with the Hornsdale Wind Farm, development of the Hornsdale Power Reserve will produce economic benefits for the Jamestown area well before the first megawatt of electricity is dispatched. Technicians, consultants and company executives have been and will be visiting the area, providing income for the accommodation and service sectors.

During construction, multiple direct jobs are expected to be created. The construction phase will also have a significant spin-off effect on the local accommodation and service sectors.

The battery will also provide ongoing employment for a small team required to provide preventative maintenance (for example, panels cleaning, vegetation management, thermal imaging of the electrical equipment…) and corrective maintenance after the project is built.

If you have skills that may be useful during the design, construction or operation of the solar farm, please email us at with your contact details and a brief summary of the services and skills you can provide.

Community Consultation

Rather than developing and selling projects, Neoen owns and operates its facilities over the long-term. Consequently, engagement and partnership with the local community is a critical aspect of our operations.

While lithium-ion batteries make almost no noise and, due to their small size, have negligible impact in terms of visual amenity or the local environment, they are a relatively new technology and the Hornsdale Power Reserve has a high public profile. Neoen thus considers transparency with local residents, stakeholders and the wider community to be vital to make sure all concerns are addressed. A community consultation strategy has been developed to ensure that open dialogue and provision of information can occur.

The objectives of the community engagement process are:

  • To keep the community and stakeholders informed about the project and the technology through the provision of factual project information;
  • To identify and address community and stakeholder concerns and maintain transparency in the project design and implementation;
  • To include where possible local business involvement in the implementation of the project; and
  • To provide feedback on how stakeholder and community input will influence the final project and decision.

Neoen considers community consultation to be essential at all stages of the Hornsdale Power Reserve’s development and operation, and invites all members of the community to send questions or suggestions at the following e-mail address: